A Diva and a Sewing Machine

noslipheadband_macy1 noslipheadband_ribbon

One day, Macy Ross was jogging with her friends when she noticed they were wearing headbands that didn’t slip or move when they ran. Macy thought that was pretty cool because when she worked out, her headbands always came off and would never stay in place. She asked where the headbands came from and she was shocked to hear how much her friends paid for them. Macy, who is pretty good with a sewing machine, said, “I can make these headbands just as good, if not better.” It took some practice but she figured out how to make a nonslip headband. That Christmas, she made a bunch for her family and friends and they loved them. Her friends showed them to their friends and they loved them, too, and they began to ask Macy to make headbands in their favorite styles.

That’s when Macy got the idea to start Diva Bands.

She put $100 in a box so she’d always have money to buy ribbon. She sewed a whole lot and made a bunch of headbands. On weekends, she’d go to races and local athletic events and set up a table and sell her Diva Bands. As she sold headbands, she’d put that money in the box. Pretty soon, her $100 had grown in $500, then $1,000! After four months, she’d sold 1,600 headbands, and she’d made each one herself in her sewing room in her basement.

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